The Disgustingly Delicious Way

Our History

The name has deep roots in Chef Robbie’s past. When training at Le Cordon Blue in the beginning, Chef Robbie was not the best at plating his dishes. His instructors would always comment on how his dishes looked disgusting, but tasted delicious. Eventually, Chef Robbie got good at plating food to look pretty, but his teachers still liked referring to his food as disgustingly delicious just to tease him. Hence the name and the meaningful memories behind it.


Keep it simple. Our concept is to create simple, fresh food made from scratch. We believe the ingredients we use should shine through. Our goal is to bring something unique to our community, and provide the best experience possible. Our belief in good food, good coffee, and good people is what keeps us going each day. We are a small family owned and operated business trying to be an active member in our community. We use old family recipes, and create new ones each day to provide an ever changing menu and provide for multiple experiences.